Play (4 Acts) by Ralph C Hamm III

(Paperback 6 x 9, $12.95, 120 pages)

The Tinderbox, a play in 4 acts by Ralph C Hamm III, was originally written in 1979 and inspired by a poem of the same name. The last stanza is the perfect epigram to this universal story of family strife and family dysfunction:

     “So, you want to build a home!
     Is your foundation sunk on stone?
     Because, if life doesn’t settle like it should;
     time will find a tinderbox where a family once stood…
                                                    gone, gone house of wood.”

Set in a lower middle class neighborhood in a Massachusetts, industrial, city in August 1961; where big business has moved out. The fabric of the city, and the family, are growing old and decaying. Randall Conrad’s search for a home for his family has lead him here.

This could be any industrial city in the US and is just as relevant today as the day it was written.