Fundraising Events for Ralph C Hamm III

Please use this price point for bulk purchases of 20-50 books. For quantities greater than this and to coordinate publicity, please contact the publishers, Michael Linnard or Russ Carmichael, via our contact page or the facebook page. 

Welcome to Little Red Cell, an imprint of Little Red Tree Publishing. Little Red Cell was specifically created for current and former US prisoners.

Little Red Cell was formed in 2013 by Michael Linnard and Fr. Russ Carmichael, and is based in North Platte, NE. 

Taking as the motto “Authentic Voices from the Cell” we strive to bring the authentic voices of prisoners who despite their incarceration continue to create in a little red cell. 

We define ourselves, consistent with the finest traditions of small independent publishing, as preserving and expanding the very real limited opportunities for prisoners—current and former—to become published authors in their own right and for their voices to be heard. And by doing so we acknowledge the difficulties that are inherent in creating literary works in the environment of a prison.

We passionately believe that well crafted books of all genres, whether drama, fiction, non-fiction, poetry or politics, should be celebrated and presented as such with conviction and confidence.